Najszybsze przejscie Cassina na Denali

09 cze 2018 - 17:16:24
Colin Haley przeszedl samotnie Cassina na Denali w 8 godzin 7 minut. Tak dla perspektywy, Cassin jest prawie dwa razy dluzszy od Nosa na ElCapie. Tak Colin opisal to przejscie: "
After at least a decade of scheming and daydreaming, and unsuccessful attempts in 2010, 2011, and 2012, a few days ago (June 5) I finally set a speed record on Denali’s Cassin Ridge that I’m happy with and proud of: 8 hours and 7 minutes from bergschrund to summit. I’m sure that, as usual, some folks will chime in with pseudo-religious gripes like “this isn’t the spirit of mountaineering,” or “this ascent has no soul,” blah blah, etc. Speed climbing is just one subset of the activity of climbing, and obviously it’s not for everyone, but I personally find it very challenging and enjoyable. I’m under no delusion that a speed ascent of the Cassin Ridge is a comparable accomplishment to, say, a new route on the north side of Masherbrum, but after so much time and energy poured into this objective over many years, it feels very gratifying to finally pull it off. Unlike the Eiger, easily accessible from Grindelwald and easy to attempt at just the right moment, a speed attempt on the south side of Denali is very fickle. Conditions play a humongous role, and that was the largest difference between my recent success and earlier attempts."

"Cough cough, excuse me while I wipe the spray off my face" Will Gadd
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» Najszybsze przejscie Cassina na Denali

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